Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Orange County SEO provides great emphasis on the privacy issues of our customers. We always want our clients to become more familiar with how we treat your personal information. We place great importance in protecting the information of our clients that is why we ensure to keep them updated with all the newest information about the site.

This Privacy Policy contains information about our practices in relation to how we collect your information through the site. By using this website, you agree to the things stated in the Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information we Gather

Personal information refers to the information that identifies the user as an individual including the following:

–          Name

–          Email address

–          Telephone number

–          Postal address

In various cases, we may gather some personal information such as your age, insurance type, etc. We gather your personal information once you interact with us by filling out the form on our website.

How Orange County SEO uses your Personal Information

Orange County SEO may use your personal information to provide you with valuable information about our services and products. Other purposes may include:

–          to answer your questions and address your concerns

–          to fulfill your requests

–          to personalize user experience on the website through presenting services that are tailored based on your individual needs

–          to send you marketing communications that you might find interesting

–          for our corporate purposes like product and service developments, website enhancement and identifying essential trends as well as determining the efficiency of the promotional campaigns of our site

–          once you obtain any service from us, we use your personal information to process your payments to provide you with essential customer service and to communicate with you with regard to your purchase.

How we Disclose your Personal Information

Orange County SEO takes all the necessary steps to make sure that your personal data are protected. We do not disclose or share your personal information to any third party, unless you provide us with a written consent. We also take reasonable steps to make sure that your personal information is protected from any damages, loss, misuse, unauthorized access, destruction, alteration and disclosure.

Privacy Policy Changes Notification

Orange County SEO will notify you for any changes or revisions made in this Privacy Policy. We make sure to post the changes made on our website to keep all our website users updated about the changes.


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